Monday, 7 March 2016

Exclusive Premiere | Jona - 'The Temple' (Aeon) by

‘Sidetracking’ is Jona’s highly inventive and musically diverse debut album project for Alex Niggemann’s forward-thinking AEON label. The musical jigsaw puzzle began with ‘Sidetracking - Part 1: Prologue’ (an introductory 2-track vinyl instalment with remixes) in January 2016 and is completed in February, with the release of the full-length ‘Sidetracking’ album, featuring 8 more original tracks to form the 10-track CD package. Created over the course of two highly creative years, the concept for ‘Sidetracking’ was for Jona to invite some of his musician and producer friends to collaborate with him in the studio and complement his album’s solo productions. This inspired project features Varoslav (Rue de Plaisance, Paris), Usio (Studio Barnhus), David K (Cocoon), Bolivian percussionist Daniel Aguilar, Italian pianist Giovanni Verga, and Edinburgh-based producer The Reverse Engineer. Driven by his desire to explore new sound perspectives and ideas, Jona has carefully forged his career path by consistently creating exciting and forward-thinking music. His previous label outings: ‘Traffic’ on ‘Lost Tapes Volume 1’ (AEON010) and ‘Gemini EP’ (AEON016), have seen him fine-tune his own unique sound. By incorporating a wide range of styles into his tracks, Jona strives to break down unnecessary boundaries and explore new ideas and ways to ignite that hallowed dancefloor flame. It is therefore no wonder that his solo and collaborative creations for ‘Sidetracking’ have yielded such stimulating aural delights. In advance of the release of 'Sidetracking' on Friday, we give you an exclusive taste of the album, in the form of track 8 'The Temple', and we talk to Jona about the release:

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