Tuesday, 1 March 2016

DMX Krew - Spiritual Encounter (HYPELP005) [clip] by Hypercolour

Out now on 2LP/CD/Digital http://ift.tt/1Uwdv7j Hypercolour proudly announce the latest long player from UK stalwart, Ed DMX AKA DMX Krew, the visionary British electronic producer who has been responsible for a slew of excellent releases for labels like Rephlex, Spectral Sound, Permanent Vacation and his own Breakin’ Records and Fresh Up Records since the mid 1990s. ‘You Exist’ is DMX Krew’s debut appearance on Hypercolour, and as expected the record features nine tracks of beautifully crafted, melodic electronic sounds. From the opener ‘Spiritual Encounter’, DMX sets the tone perfectly with oodles of pitch perfect synth riffs and driving drums, working his way through snappy and bright pop moments like ‘Hard Copy’ to more melancholic, darker cuts like ‘Computational Paradigm Shift’. DMX breezes in and out of electro techno territory to more contemplative IDM vibes with ease, testimony to the guy’s talent (that’s also seen him wear the hat of over 10 aliases throughout his career to date). ‘You Exist’ captures a very true and genuine musical form, produced and delivered with love from one of the scene’s unsung heroes, and makes it a great companion piece to another Hypercolour released album from similar stock (take your pick from Luke Vibert’s 2014 ‘Ridmik’ album or his latest Kerrier District LP). A consistent and engaging album then from DMX Krew that will pleasure the ear buds of discerning listeners everywhere.

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