Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Modini - The Answer (Version) (HYPE049) [clip] by Hypercolour

2015 has been a massive year for Hypercolour, with the label releasing a huge range of music from established names (Kerrier District & Luke Vibert, Seth Troxler, Roman Flugel) as well as up-and-comers of the underground music scene (Luca Lozano, A Sagittariun, House Of Black Lanterns). The eclecticism of the laberl knows no boundries, and so it’s fitting to end the year with a killer EP from Modini. A collaborative project between techno visionary, Neil Landstrumm, and fellow Scottish producer, Hostage, Modini plunder the deeper shades of techno and electro music, bringing with them years of musical nouse for labels like Peacefrog, Tresor, Origami Sound and Nightshifters. Previous Modini releases have appeared on the Dixon Avenue Basement Jams imprint. ‘The Answer (Version)’ touches on the classic side of electro, with the infectious “how do you get to sleep at night” vocal hook rolling over incessant bleeps and chugging 4x4 beats, coming over like a pitched down Relief Records cut for the modern age. Its Original Mix makes fine use of broken beats, twisting and loosening the other version whilst retaining the energy of the original. Pre-order >> The impressively titled ‘Impressive Pineapple’ ratchets up the tempo, rolling brats and head scrambling bleep-work tussles with a hefty bass line and choppy vocals. Final cut ‘Saluting Magpies’ features more bass line madness and drilling drums, imaginatively off the wall samples jab in between the spaces and we’re shown a masterclass in forward thinking dance music from the Modini team.

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