Sunday, 4 October 2015

SUNDAY MORNING - 11 - Lackluster by Danny Daze

THE ARTIST: LACKLUSTER Born and raised in Finland, Esa started composing music back in 1994 and was confused, to say the least, at first. With a lot of help from his peers, he figured out how to make beats using trackers and eventually sequencers, and started releasing on net labels and labels like the London-based deFocus, Miami-based Merck, Monotonik, Kahvi and, later on, the trifecta of U-Cover, SLSK Records and Psychonavigation. His debut album, Container, is still an albatross around his neck - a track like Thor's Magic Bathtub will probably never vanish from the hearts of true lovers of innocent, joyful tunes. Having always been compared to the original three-member The Black Dog, Plaid and early melodic Aphex Twin, Mr. Ruoho never actually vanished from the scene, post-Container (or Post-Showcase, for that matter), instead took to Bandcamp and self-releasing. One day things will change. Let's know for a fact that it is today. THE MIX: It was a case of selecting my fave tracks from around the years, tunes I would have been playing for quite some time (think: on endless repeat) from my favorite artists. Also tracks that I would hear once and just know they are the ones I'll play and hold on to for quite some time. And some extra-new (to me) tunes. No beat matching was attempted since Danny let me off the hook I hope you can tune onto this and that it will transport you to a chilled Sunday morning. -Esa

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